Micah Raskin Shares Unique Ways To Get Involved Within Your Community

Poker's Micah Raskin

June 13, 2021

Micah Raskin Shares Unique Ways To Get Involved Within Your Community
The strength of a community correlates with the willingness of its members to dedicate a part of their time and resources for the betterment of that community. It takes little for you to become involved within your community. But that little can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Micah Raskin is a pre-eminent U.S. poker player and philanthropist with ample experience in both fields since 2007. His experience and dedication cover everything from managing, establishing, and evaluating performance standards, maintenance controls, and work procedures to ensuring compliance with policies and procedures. “Some people think that,” he says, “to get involved within the community means to go out of your way and make a large donation or build a school or a health center. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Volunteering to make your community better comes in various shapes and forms. And money doesn’t even have to be involved.”

Donate (and not necessarily Money)

According to Micah Raskin, when it comes to giving back to the community, it’s not always about money or financial help. “When you think about it,” he elaborates, “you’ll find you have plenty of resources that you can donate to the community. We’re talking about clothes that are no longer in fashion but still in good condition. Your thrift shop would welcome such items of clothing.”

Extra food and birthday party leftovers have a place in the food bank where they will feed a hungry mouth. The same goes for bed linens that you don’t need anymore. Your local homeless shelter or city mission needs them along with all blankets, pillowcases, and quilts.

Other places that would use any items that could end up in the trash include your local library that accepts books and magazines and the animal shelter which would put all your linens, bedding, and cleaning supplies to good use. If you can’t spare any of these items, then a small money donation would help these places keep their doors open and continue providing their outstanding services to the community.

Organize an Event

The event in question here doesn’t have to be something large and complicated, such as a concert or a school musical. Such events are better left to the professionals. But not having experience in event planning shouldn’t stop you from planning together a car wash where the revenue goes to local charities or even make a collection for the local hospital.

The way Micah Raskin sees it, not all events have to revolve around money and collecting donations. They can be fun events that bring people together and strengthen the social fabric of the community. A good example is a kid’s event in the local library or school. The children will have a great time showing their talents while the parents get to know each other and make lasting friendships.

Support Local Businesses

One of the biggest differences you can make in your community is to help local businesses. These, after all, are the businesses that create jobs and benefit the community more than the larger brands a few states over, or even located in a different country. So, you can shop locally instead of shopping online. Consider buying your trinkets, bracelets, and knick-knacks from the local arts and crafts shop. Support your local brands and buy the homemade jam and fresh produce at the farmer’s market.

Root for the Local Sports Team

Your local sports teams need all the support they can get. In most cases, these are small teams with an even smaller budget and little or next to nothing in the way of revenue and publicity. But you showing up for their sports events means a lot for the young team members. You don’t have to have a daughter or a son in the Minor League to get behind the team, notes Micah Raskin. You can show your support and love just because this is the team that represents your community. With fans in the stands, the players feel that they’re playing not just for the team, but for the whole community.

Help Clean Up the Community

And last but not least, consider taking part in cleaning up your neighborhood and community. It’s a small gesture and may not be a very pleasant one at that, but it says a lot about your involvement in the community. Even if your own neighborhood is clean and in pristine condition, remember that there are plenty of parks and playgrounds that could use your time and volunteering efforts to keep the community healthy and beautiful.