Micah Raskin Joins in Effort to Fund New Shaare Zedek Hospital Wing

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March 2, 2021

Micah Raskin Poker

Micah Raskin Joins in Effort to Fund New Shaare Zedek Hospital Wing

Thousands of patients of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem now share something in common with residents of Nassau and Queens County NY in the United States. They are all beneficiaries of the seldom touted but frequent philanthropic efforts of Micah Raskin.

Recent efforts by donors such as Mr. Raskin have funded a new wing that is dedicated to the state-of-the-art treatment of burn and bomb victims. While it is tragic that such a need exists, the advanced capabilities of this wing will give new hope and healing to current and future victims needing the specialized treatment offered.

When questioned about his interest in the work of this globally known medical center, Micah Raskin commented, “It’s a terrible thing that they have to have a wing even partially dedicated to the treatment of bombing victims.” He continued, “I already knew about the good work they were doing, and when I heard about the need for this construction, I was moved to action.

The work of Shaare Zedek Medical Center as a non-profit institution has played a key role in providing medical care to the residents of Jerusalem for decades. Accepting no donations from the government of Israel, this work is funded entirely by the public and generous donors such as Micah Raskin. The center’s website explains, “ We are wholly reliant on the generosity of friends across the globe to carry out research, upgrade vital equipment, and continuously upkeep and further expand our facilities.”

Micah Raskin: “Privileged to Participate”

While he often dismisses the title of a philanthropist as his role in such activities, Micah Raskin does take pride in being allowed the privilege of providing such critically needed assistance. He explains when asked about this and other such activities in his home area of  Nassau and Queens County NY, he humbly brushes off any accolades by stating, “I’m not a philanthropist. I’m just a guy who wants to help.”

Knowing that actions speak much louder than words, Micah Raskin is “just that guy wanting to help” who is known for a variety of behind-the-scenes efforts to help others. This includes hosting annual swim parties and barbeques for autistic children, working in soup kitchens,  donating 5,000 masks and 1,000 bottles of sanitizer when these PPE supplies were most scarce. These items were given directly to the homeless shelter in Hempstead, NY helping to keep staff and guests safe early on in the Pandemic.

Micah Raskin Focuses on his Global and Local Philanthropic Efforts 

While he keeps a low profile while carrying out his charitable activities, Micah Raskin is vocal about his appreciation for the plaque presented to him by Shaare Zedek Medical Center. “When you have the ability to help, you simply have to help,” he says. “This plaque is a prominent fixture in my office not because it recognizes me but because I think of all those who are benefiting from this new facility and what a privilege it is to participate.”