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Micah Raskin Discusses the Many Expansions of the World Series of Poker Tournaments Since 2005

Professional poker player Micah Raskin shares with readers expansions of the World Series of Poker tournament, which he’s competed in many times in the past.

Micah Raskin first played in the World Series of Poker event (WSOP) in 2007 in Atlantic City, NJ. He finished 5th in the $500 NLHE and won a total of $4,020, also competing that year at the WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic. He’s one of the nation’s largest poker earners and has competed in some of the most respected poker tournaments in the world.

Having participated in WSOP for years, Micah Raskin has seen most of the organization’s expansions in recent years.

“Since 2004, before I had my debut at the World Series, the tournament has been hosted by Caesars Entertainment Corporation, known as Harrah’s Entertainment until 2010,” says Micah Raskin. “However, the tournament had its official start in 1970 when Benny Binion invited a handful of poker wizards to play at the Horseshoe Casino.”

Today, Micah Raskin says WSOP is made up of 101 events consisting of major poker variants, though most are variants of Texas hold ’em. It’s proven to be a strong organization with the growing popularity and has made notable expansions since 2005.

WSOP Circuit Expansion in 2005

The World Series of Poker Circuit was rolled out in 2005 as a satellite series taking place at Harrah’s-owned properties in the US. The tournament featured a $10,000 buy-in and allowed qualifying players to enter a revamped Tournament of Champions later.

WSOP Europe Expansion in 2007

The first-ever World Series of Poker Europe tournament took place from September 6–17, 2007 and was made up of three events held in London. The tournament moved its location from London to Cannes, France in 2011, and has held an annual event since 2017.

WSOP Africa Expansion in 2010

Micah Raskin tells us 2010 was the year WSOP expanded their competition overseas to Gauteng, South Africa. The 2010 event was under the WSOP Circuit even though winners didn’t receive gold rings or standings for the Circuit National Championship, but its policy changed in 2012 to include them.

WSOP Asia Pacific Expansion in 2013

Australian casino Crown Melbourne announced a partnership with the WSOP in April 2012 for the World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific event. The first tournament of the event, which didn’t take place until April 4–15, 2013, was held at Crown’s Melbourne Casino.

WSOP International Circuit Expansion in 2015

The WSOP International Circuit took place in 2015 in Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. Winners from each of the international tournaments join WSOP Circuit winners at the WSOP Global Casino Championship. The International Circuit totaled 13 tournaments in the 2017/18 season.

“WSOP has expanded to become the premier poker tournament in the world,” says Micah Raskin.

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Explains Patient Benefits of Chiropractic Care Centers

Queens-based Micah Raskin, a regular chiropractic patient, explains the overall benefits achieved at chiropractic care centers across the country.

Because he’s very active, Micah Raskin of Queens, NY looks to chiropractors to help him correct issues that arise from common bodily complications. Chiropractors, he says, work wonders by diagnosing and treating nervous system disorders and musculoskeletal conditions. He’s noticed many medical benefits from his time at his chiropractic treatment center and shares them with readers below.

  1. Back & Neck Pain

“One of the most common reasons people go to chiropractors is because of back and neck pain, usually from normal strain while sitting at a desk or being excessively mobile,” says Micah Raskin.

Chiropractors help patients find relief from back and neck pain associated with a number of complications such as those mentioned above as well as sleeping the wrong way and developing knots from slouching. Chiropractic professionals know methods to relieve tension, correct posture, and alleviate joint strain. Even if the pain is associated with arthritis, chiropractors know many solutions to improve bodily function and comfort.

  1. Stress Relief

Because they are able to relieve pain, Micah Raskin says chiropractors also relieve a lot of underlying stress people experience in their day-to-day. They may experience stress and discomfort from poor posture without realizing it, having grown slowly accustomed to the stresses. Relieving the body of underlying pain and discomfort lowers the ongoing levels of stress we experience.

  1. Better Sleep

“Like a chain reaction, once a chiropractor is able to relieve the pain and stress on your body, other life-changing benefits will start to kick in, such as improved sleep,” says Micah Raskin.

Patients like Micah Raskin have noticed a dramatic difference in their sleeping patterns following chiropractic services. Because the body isn’t as alert to the regular pain, discomfort, and stresses, it can rest easier and won’t wake patients up through the night.

  1. Sports Recovery

“If you play sports, then you’re likely experiencing strong impacts and long bouts of bodily stresses on occasion,” says Micah Raskin. “Chiropractors can help relieve pain to get you back out on the court or field faster.’

Chiropractors can treat sports injuries and can alleviate pain from shin splints, sprains, jammed appendages, and other related conditions.

“They really can rid your body of pain and stresses you never knew you had and correct those that you are aware of so you can’t back to optimal condition in no time,” says Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin, Professional Poker Player Discusses the Benefits of Chiropractic Care and How It Can Improve Overall Quality of Life

Wednesday, March 24, 2020, 2:15 PM Queens, NY

Micah Raskin, Professional Poker Player discusses the major benefits of chiropractic care and how it can improve the quality of life for people of all ages.

Micah Raskin, helped build and market one of the largest chiropractic centers in all of New York. Now, he discusses exactly why chiropractic care is so beneficial and how it can improve anyone’s overall quality of life.

“Regular chiropractic care has improved my life, and I’ve made it a goal of mine to spread information about this natural, non-invasive practice that has done so much for me,” Raskin says. “So many times, in modern society, we think we need surgery or medication to relieve pain, but that’s not always the case. Chiropractic care can often help.”

Micah Raskin and other chiropractic care enthusiasts state that this is one of the top ways to heal injuries naturally, without surgery, injection therapy, medications, and more. The methods used in chiropractic care supply your body with the therapy it needs to heal naturally.

Even more, enthusiasts like Micah Raskin describe that chiropractic care can actually increase immunity through boosting antibodies typically linked to immune response. Experts say chiropractic care can increase the production of leukocytes, which help white blood cells fight off disease. Raskin Professional Poker Player states that frequent chiropractic visits can also help reduce blood pressure and digestive issues.

However, chiropractic care hasn’t only proven effective for adults. Kids often suffer from recurring illnesses, like ear infections. They’re typically prescribed antibiotics, but the ear infections return time and time again. Research has shown that some kids experience a drop in ear-infection-causing otitis media after consistent visits to the chiropractor.

Micah Raskin reiterates that chiropractic care can be helpful for people of all ages. This type of care makes the spine more durable and healthy overall, making it easier to balance. This can mean superior performance in sports for young people, but it can also mean the possible prevention of injury in elderly adults. People with healthier spines are less likely to fall.

“The advantages of regular chiropractic care are essentially endless,” Raskin says. “My ability to sleep drastically increased after just a few sessions. The alleviation of my spinal pain meant less tossing and turning at night.”

Micah Raskin also described that more sleep meant superior focus and functionality at work the next day.

Chiropractic care has been proven to provide natural recovery from injury, fight ear infections, increase immunity, decrease blood pressure, and provide so many other health benefits. Enthusiasts like Raskin, a Professional Poker Player, hope more people will consider chiropractic care before turning to surgeries and pharmaceutical remedies.

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Names 3 Ways After-School Programs Positively Impact Students in Neighborhoods in Queens

Today, Micah Raskin is involved in several impactful community-building programs and outreaches targeting individuals in the neighborhoods of Queens, NY who need support the most. Below, he provides three distinct ways the afterschool program he’s helped to create has a tremendous impact in the students in his community. 


Professional poker player Micah Raskin regularly volunteers at many community-building programs in Queens, NY where much help is needed. He frequently assists prepare food for local soup kitchens, rallies food donations, and maintains the property. In addition, he was instrumental in the creation of an after-school program at a nearby public school that has proven to have a lot of promise for at-risk students. 


Believing these programs to be crucial to many kids’ development, Micah Raskin shares three ways after-school programs benefit his own community and the positive impact they can have on students anywhere. 


Boosting Academic Performance


“The students in after-school programs may not perform the best in class because of a number of factors in their life in and outside of school,” says Micah Raskin. “These programs encourage diligent work and allow more one-on-one time between instructors and educators than in traditional public schoolroom settings.”


Studies have shown that students in after-school programs, who receive more time to accomplish work and to learn from adults, can greatly improve in areas like mathematics and reading. Consistent homework support in these programs is considered one of the key factors for increased academic performance. 


Improving Classroom Behavior


Students in after-school programs often increase their sense of success as adults reinforce positive behavior and reward for their efforts at schoolwork. By attending conducive programs when school lets out, students are also alleviated of typical outside pressures such as poverty and living in overcrowded environments. 


Because of this, students can find more peace and receive more appreciation from adults, which can improve behavior both in the classroom and outside of it. This leads to far less bullies and fewer opportunities for the cycle of abuse to continue. 


Encouraging Better Health and Nutrition 


It’s been shown that children in after-school programs learn healthier habits such as increased physical activity and improved nutrition, which can have positive outcomes like reduced obesity. Certain after-school programs participate in additional programs like CACFP that directly provide food, drinks, and snacks to students who may not have access to them at home. 


After-school programs during the summers have an especially strong impact on health and nutrition because they offer more opportunities to share food and snacks that meet dietary needs. By providing a source of healthy food consistently, these programs instill lasting habits. 


“After-school programs provide academic support and positive youth development that translates into healthier, happier, and better performing students of all levels,” says Micah Raskin. “We’re in dire need of more of these programs in public school throughout the country, but especially in those neighborhoods with high numbers of at-risk students.” 

Micah Raskin

Community Outreach Volunteer Micah Raskin Encourages Giving Back to Local Neighborhoods

Having lived in Queens, Nassau and New York City NY, Micah Raskin finds plenty of opportunities to empower members in his community and create resources to help better their everyday lives; hoping to lead by example, Raskin regularly volunteers with local soup kitchens, non-profits, afterschool programs, and more to give aid to the needy in the neighborhoods he has lived

Today, Micah Raskin is recognized as one of the best poker players and top earners in the country. Earning hundreds of thousands of dollars playing poker during occasional tournaments has allowed Raskin to spend much of his free time volunteering in various capacities to support and uplift his neighborhood and the greater NYC community. He’s especially known in Queens and Nassau County for his work in soup kitchens and shelters where he helps purchase, prepare, and serve meals among other tasks.

Micah Raskin also encourages his peers, friends, family and neighbors to get involved wherever they can, as many shelters and outreaches are severely understaffed. He demonstrates his own dedication to the community by preparing meals for the homeless, creating after-school programs for kids in at-risk neighborhoods, donating time and resources to various outreaches, and more. In this way, he leads by example and inspires others in his neighborhood to find their own outlets to volunteer.

“It’s difficult to imagine that people in our country today go to bed starving, but it happens every day–and that’s if they’re lucky enough to have a bed to go home to,” says Micah Raskin. “There are plenty of ways for people to jump right in and help out. They just need to look to community boards or local nonprofit groups who post their volunteer needs.”

Nonprofit volunteers like Micah Raskin get involved in their neighborhoods to combat crisis in places like churches and food banks where they can cook and supply resources to the homeless or needy. In addition, these and similar outreaches help the volunteers and those coming in for shelter develop relationships and uplift one another.

“It’s shocking to see how many people come into soup kitchens looking for a meal every day,” says Micah Raskin. “That, combined with the cold and the general feeling of homesickness is rough on those in need, especially on those such as runaway teenagers who are fleeing a bad situation at home. We need to be able to give them a safe place and a warm meal to show that there is support nearby and people who care right in their neighborhoods.”

Micah Raskin says that although there are dozens of ways for people to get involved in their neighborhoods and communities, they can also stay close to home and help those directly around them. He mentions that neighbors may need help preparing food, cleaning for guests, or are just in need of an extra pair of hands or some company.

“The point is to go out and find where the people in your city need help the most,” says Micah Raskin. “Any little bit of volunteer work can help out.”

Micah Raskin

Professional Poker Player Micah Raskin Spreads Solidarity by Cooking for Friends, Family, and his Community

One of the nation’s most successful professional poker players, Micah Raskin falls under the top 100 highest earners in the game. While he’s developed a reputation for superior card play, he’s also known for his philanthropy and especially his cooking, which he shares with his family and community whenever he gets the chance.

 Micah Raskin has a large impact on nonprofit organizations in his local community of Queens and Nassau Counties New York. He regularly volunteers with soup kitchens in the area and contributes by purchasing, preparing hot meals to families and individuals in need. He believes something as simple as a warm meal can make a real difference in the lives of neighbors, family members, and people struggling with a number of issues in communities everywhere. He’s a seasoned chef who’s spent years preparing meals for himself and his parents in addition to lending his talent to nonprofits in the area.

“I think most people don’t understand how large of a difference cooking a meal for someone else can have,” says Micah Raskin. “It eliminates the need for people to go out and purchase any cooking materials; it saves them from prepping and cooking–which likely means access to expensive kitchen appliances–and it doesn’t require anything more from them than sitting down and enjoying a warm meal. And here at the soup kitchen, those who come to eat don’t have to worry about anything other than throwing away their plates and utensils. And sometimes not even that.”

Many of the people that come to the soup kitchen for a warm meal are homeless, runaways, or struggling financially. However, Micah Raskin’s and other volunteers’ contributions, in addition to their no questions asked policy, make a real difference in the lives of those suffering in their own neighborhoods.

“As a society, we have such an abundance of food that it’s difficult for us to understand how people can go without eating, but it happens every day in communities across the country,” says Micah Raskin. “Though every town has places to get food, many don’t even have enough money to buy a single meal from a chain or grocery store.”

When he’s not cooking food for the soup kitchen, Micah Raskin prepares meals for his parents, too, sometimes cooking for them every night of the week. Micah lost his father this year so he is the sole caretaker for his 84-year-old mother. “Continuing to prepare meals for her is the least I can do.”

“Volunteer cooking is fulfilling because it satisfies a basic need for someone who may not be able to get food on their own. We gain a huge sense of fulfillment because we’ve helped others in the most basic, primal way we can,” says Micah Raskin. “You’re giving people something they need to survive. And it’s gratifying as a cook to see your food go to a family member or help someone truly in need.”

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Demonstrates the Importance of Volunteering During the Holidays

Micah Raskin supports many local outreach programs and non-profits in his neighborhood of Nassau and County New York, especially in soup kitchens and shelters where he helps purchase, prepare, and serve hot meals. He recognizes the holidays as one of the most important times to give back to the community and encourages others to get involved wherever and however  they can. 


Besides being one of the nation’s top poker players, Micah Raskin has been a long-time volunteer of his local soup kitchen in Hempstead NY. There, he plays an important role in his community by helping feed the homeless and those who are struggling. He often donates or prepares and serves guests hot meals at the soup kitchen himself, actively participating in the full process.


Raskin partners with his local soup kitchens and other outreach programs to empower and lend support to his community where it’s needed. Though there are millions of Americans facing hunger each day, he says the holidays are an especially difficult time for those in need.


“Besides the typical hunger that they face, people who stay out on the streets have to deal with the cold around the holidays, too,” says Micah Raskin. “And that’s without even considering the idea that at that moment families everywhere are gathering in warm places to share meals and enjoy their time together. It’s a rough time for many on the outside.” 


Nonprofit volunteers like Micah Raskin get involved to help combat the crisis in places like homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks where he can cook and supply resources to the homeless or needy. 


“It’s shocking to see how many people of all ages and backgrounds,  come to soup kitchens looking for a meal every day,”says Micah Raskin. “That, combined with the cold and the general feeling of homesickness is rough on those in need, especially on those such as runaway teenagers who are fleeing a bad situation at home. We need to be able to give them something during the holidays to show that there is support and there are people who care, right in their neighborhoods.”


Soup kitchens are able to provide nutrition, warmth and temporary shelter at no cost to the guests. This is an exemplary resource during the holidays, but Micah Raskin says there are dozens of ways for people to get involved in their neighborhoods and communities during this time. He mentions that even our immediate neighbors may need help either preparing food, cleaning for company, wrapping presents, or in general need of an extra pair of hands. 


Raskin says there are many programs and churches in each town that need either volunteer work to be done or donations from local citizens––whether it’s nonperishable food items, clothes, gifts for children, or something similar. 


“The point is to go out and find where the people in your city need help the most,” says Micah Raskin. “The holidays are really tough on a lot of people, and even the smallest gesture of compassion and goodwill can go a long way for someone else.” 

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Demonstrates the Importance of Afterschool Programs in Places like Nassau County, NY

Micah Raskin is a regular volunteer at community-building organizations and soup kitchens in his neighborhood in Nassau County, NY. Helping to create local afterschool programs to ensure all students have a safe place to be, he demonstrates the great value they can have on the lives of children everywhere. 

a regular volunteer at community-building organizations and soup kitchens in his neighborhood in Nassau County, NY. Helping to create local afterschool programs to ensure all students have a safe place to be, he demonstrates the great value they can have on the lives of children everywhere. 


When school gets out, many kids across the country can’t immediately go home to a safe and comfortable environment. Instead, they may wander the streets, get involved in neighborhood group violence, or find other ways to get into trouble. People like Micah Raskin look to community-building organizations to create a positive environment for students that can foster healthy traits and habits. 


“Afterschool programs offer a unique support system for grade school students that can instill emotional development and personal growth,” says Micah Raskin. “There, they can complete school work in a peaceful environment if they needed or goof around with friends, but they can all also learn crucial skills like computer typing and participate in positive social activities.”


In these programs, Micah Raskin says children can discover their own passions and pursue activities that they probably wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise. They can develop leadership skills or can learn more about constructive teamwork with other kids in afterschool programs. Certain programs even allow time for activities that give back to their own community, teaching the students involved to appreciate charity and recognize the positive impact it has. 


In afterschool programs, a team of caring and supportive professional educators open a space either in schools or at community centers that kids are free to use before or after school, as well as during breaks between classes (such as summer or holiday breaks). Educators motivate the kids who attend and engage with them to increase self-esteem and to connect them with other people or elements of their community. This alone can drastically decrease the number of children who turn to gangs or violent groups to fill their time. 


“Many kids across New York City live in poverty and their families simply can’t afford many opportunities for them outside of school,” says Micah Raskin. “Children right here in my own neighborhood need these afterschool programs to develop social skills and promote better academics while keeping them out of trouble. Afterschool programs end up being a huge benefit to society overall since it shapes children into responsible citizens.”


Their time spent in afterschool programs can enrich the lives of students in low income communities anywhere and transform a potentially troublesome environment into one that promotes growth, health, emotional development and wellness. This, in turn, helps the students to thrive in their academics and give them more to look forward to during the day-to-day. Programs like the ones Micah Raskin has helped to create go on to teach skills such as collaboration, positive communication, and critical thinking that teach children how to grow into respectable adults in the future while keeping them off the streets today. 


Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Volunteers with Local Soup Kitchen in Nassau County, New York

Micah Raskin is a professional poker player listed as one of the top players in the country. In 2013 according to the GPI Poker Index he was ranked 9th in the world. Micah has amassed over 2 million in earnings to date. In his spare time, he likes to volunteer with local communities to empower and spread community, such as partnering with a local soup kitchen to prepare and serve hot meals to those in need in his neighborhood.

Each year, millions of Americans face hunger and poverty on the streets of major cities like New York. Nonprofit volunteers like Micah Raskin get involved to help combat the crisis in places like food pantries, and Soup kitchens where they can cook and handout food and resources to the homeless or needy.

“It’s shocking to see how many people come into soup kitchens looking for a meal every day,” says Micah Raskin. “It breaks your heart to see so many people starving, but we can make a real difference in the lives of the needy right in our own cities by getting involved with the local food pantries, soup kitchens and other nonprofits.”

At a local soup kitchen in Nassau County NY, Micah Raskin helps prepare and dish out more than 400 meals each day to homeless or low-income individuals. It’s a battle he’s realized that can’t be won on his own, but which requires the help of dozens of people in his neighborhood.

“It’s not like a restaurant that runs on a monetary system that allows managers to hire on new people and improve their menu offerings,” says Micah Raskin. “Here, the food is either donated or purchased by Donors and volunteers who also keep up the kitchens and prepare meals in large quantities each and every day.”

Soup kitchens are able to provide nutrition to those in need at no cost, and they also serve as an entry point to a better life to struggling individuals. In these centers, those in need encounter not only kitchen volunteers, but also professionals who are able to point them in the right direction to a brighter future. Many soup kitchens are also built near community resource centers that can help those struggling get back on their feet.

In his experience, Raskin has noticed a steep increase in volunteers around the holidays. Facilities like the one he partners with offer warmth and shelter against winter weather in addition to hot food, showers, and clothing. He says the holidays often remind us of our blessings and those who are in need. However, he encourages volunteers to keep participating long after the holidays are over, as they are needed each day, year-round.

“If you have free time in your schedule, it’s a good idea to check in with organizations like local soup kitchens to see where you can help as they’re always in need of new volunteers,” says Micah Raskin. “It’s rewarding on so many levels and can actually have a tremendously positive effect on your own life in addition to the lives of the needy.”

Micah Raskin

Micah Raskin Discusses the Importance of Thinking Creatively

Thinking creatively can take your business and personal life to new levels. Micah Raskin discusses the importance of thinking like an artist. 


As an author, speaker and coach for businesses around the country, Micah Raskin often gets asked about how to stay creative when launching a business or product and he reminds his clients that thinking creatively can help recharge your mind and body and breathe new life into your business. 


Micah Raskin encourages everyone to spend time listening to informative programs that recharge your creative juices, like TED. TED, (Technology, Education and Design) is one of the leading pioneers in creating formats for people to learn, engage, and practice the art of learning together. Learning has been a lost art form, and organizations like TED are revitalizing the way we come together and recharge.


TED is a tool that Micah Raskin utilizes on a daily basis to keep his brain charged and ready to go. 


Another great tip that Micah Raskin offers is to always put into practice what you are learning. Your potential customer is 10 times more likely to buy from your brand if they believe you are half as invested in your product as you want them to be. Getting to this place as a company requires massive dedication not just to your product, but to the art of practicing what you learn.


That’s why Micah Raskin encourages everyone to spend time daily to learn new information and then put it into practice. A lot of the great ideas Micah Raskin has have come from the time he sets aside to learn and be creative. 


“You don’t become an expert and a trusted advisor overnight,” explained Micah Raskin. “It takes days, weeks, months and years of dedicated practice, and it starts with thinking creatively.” 


Thinking like an artist is a great reminder that there is no set schedule for those who are trying to achieve greatness. You are always working, learning and creating. Micah Raskin knows that by practicing these tips you can stay sharp, creative and keep moving forward with your company and your goals. 


Thinking creatively doesn’t have to be a chore, and can truly lead to great things in your business and in your personal life, helping you to realize your dreams and scale your business for real growth. 


Micah Raskin travels the country working with businesses and brands to help them think more creatively and achieve all of their dreams. 


To learn more about Micah Raskin and to connect, click here.